Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Vampire Weekend in Singapore

This was the day I have been waiting for... for four years. I was finally going to see Vampire Weekend perform live. It felt so surreal. I still can't believe it. I've been anticipating this moment ever since me and my friends arrived at Singapore and it was finally happening. It was incredible. I felt so happy to be alive. To see your favorite band play live is the best feeling ever. And to be in front and center of the crowd made it even more epic. For years, these guys have only ever been on my laptop and on my iPod. And then to see them there, in front of me, is truly unbelievable. I just wish I had the chance to meet them personally. Maybe next time. Hopefully...

Big Night Out featured Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Unfortunately for us, we had to miss Yeah Yeah Yeahs to catch our midnight flight but I was more than fine with it because Vampire Weekend already made me the happiest girl that night. But yeah, nbd. C'est la vie... [It might have something to do with Ezra locking eyes with me for a second too.]

Here are some pictures. 
Disclaimer: It's a lot of Ezra and no Rostam because all my pictures of him turned out blurry. :(

More pictures below.

    It was a good crowd.

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