Thursday, November 06, 2014

Too Bright

Music makes me poetic.

I love it when an album catches you by surprise and sort of demands you to stop whatever you're doing and just listen. And then have all these different emotions rush through you like it's no big deal.  But really, it is(!) because now you're three songs deep and somehow you've got a napkin on your hand ready to catch the first tear to fall. But then it doesn't because you don't let it fall. You don't want it to fall...

...because now, you're not really listening to the music anymore. You're listening to the voice in your head that you've silenced for so long, like an "old friend" with a silly grin on its face. You try not to listen and it usually works. But this time it doesn't and it really hurts. 


You've reached the last song and somehow, you know all the words too well. You sing, "deep down I never did feel right..."And now you wonder, when will I get it right.