Monday, February 04, 2013

Laneway Festival Singapore 2013

It's my first music festival and my spirits are soaring!

    I flew to Singapore along with two of my friends on the 25th of January, just a day before Laneway Festival. It was our first Laneway and we were extremely excited. We took the train to Marina Bay and when we stepped out of the station, it was scorching hot. The sun was literally burning us. We did not expect the heat to be that scalding. Mental note #1: Bikini tops should've been worn instead. There was a long line to enter the festival grounds but it didn't really take too long to get inside. When we eventually made our way in, Kings of Convenience was already on stage. There were already people settled down on their mats and enjoying the music. Mental note #2: Bring a mat/towel or something to lay on the grass for you to sit on (if you don't want to sit on the grass itself). Since the sun decided to stay out until 7pm, there's always a long queue for refreshments. This brings me to my mental note #3: Buy water outside of the festival because they only serve Fiji water which costs 5 SGD. Nobody should be paying that much for a 500ml bottle of water. But you're left paying for it anyway because the heat is dehydrating you quickly. Don't let the heat get to you, you'll miss all the fun. One thing we were right in doing was taking note of set times of bands we wanted to see, thus sort of scheduling when we'll eat and when we'll head to the crowd for a good view. Which reminds me, mental note #4: Once you're in a good spot, if someone's trying to squeeze in to get in front of you, don't play nice next time. You were there first. And lastly, mental note #5: Sing and dance like nobody's watching. 

    I had favorites that I was eager to watch which included Of Monsters and Men, Kimbra, Tame Impala, and Gotye. But I was really looking forward to seeing Alt-J (∆). They're my current band crush and to see them perform live would be absolutely amazing. 

    Photographs of the performances will be on the next blog post. 

Always ready with my Lomokino.
Our little spot at the shaded area by the curbside.
$40 for these bands shirts. No, thank you. Although I really wanted to buy Alt-J's shirt (not pictured above).

Listen to Money by The Drums.

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  1. Loved your outfit, and you have great music taste!