Friday, November 16, 2012

Lover of the Light

It was my first time in Singapore and I was practically exploring it on my own. My mom was there for a conference so I had the mornings to myself. It was quite fun and liberating to roam the streets on my own. I must also admit that I was really enjoying traveling by MRT there. I actually felt like a local. That was probably because a tourist (to my judgement) asked me directions about the mrt card. Sadly, I didn't know the answer to his question. fail. 

My agenda was to go to a whole lot of shopping malls and I did. I was walking for 5 hours straight and I don't know how many miles I covered. If only I had one of those Nike things that counts how many steps you did, I bet mine would read past a thousand. My legs were absolutely beat the whole trip but it was worth it.

This felt more like a shopping trip than a tour trip which is more than fine by me. Although we wanted to go to the Night Safari, it didn't quite fit our schedule. Maybe next time. 

Here is my side of our lovely hotel room with absolutely slow internet.
The sting ray which was ridiculously spicy.
When I saw this my jaw dropped because 1) Chocolate!!! 2) S$38++ per person? What?

Watch this beautiful music video for Lover Of The Light starring Idris Elba.