Saturday, November 17, 2012

Generator First Floor

We spent a good amount of our time at Marina Bay Sands because my mom's friend, who was also there for a short hiatus, was staying there. It was a big place and there sure was a lot to do there. 

I absolutely love this wall of colors. 
The room with a foggy view. The rain was about to pour before I took this photo.
Here I am lounging on the bed. 
You can see the Merlion from the room.
This is probably the scariest job ever! 
Apparently there was an event/fashion show.

I liked our little lunch at TWG Tea. Every thing on the menu was infused with different kinds of tea from around the world. This is where we were given those heavenly macarons. They've recently opened a branch in Greenbelt 5, I think.

I think every night we went up to Skypark but only swam on our last night.

Goodbye for now, Singapore.

Oh, please tell me you're a Freelance Whales fan. Listen to this!