Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Foster the People: Live in Manila

For the love of music, thank you for Foster the People. 

This fangirl side of me gets obsessive at times, it gets quite unhealthy. So imagine my surprise when I heard they were legitimately performing here in Manila. It also came as a surprise that a band this big would play here with just their debut album out. But nonetheless, I'm glad they came here. A few months back when I was in Seattle, I was super bummed that I was missing Foster the People play WaMu Theatre by 20 days. I was 20 days short! I was determined to extend my trip just for that but I couldn't afford to miss school. Fast forward 4 months and I'm jumping to the sight of Mark Foster in a white blazer.

It's unreal. For a moment, you forget you're cramped beside a mob of people all wanting to get a better view, then you snap out of it and it all gets too real. That band's music you've been blasting in your room is playing in front of you. They're a few feet away from you. And that damn security is telling you to go back to your seat. Ugh, moment ruined.

Despite the bouncer debacle, it was still the best concert of my life! Definitely my top 1. 2nd place goes to Maroon 5 (circa March 5, 2007) and 3rd goes to The Black Keys + Arctic Monkeys. I'm always at my happiest disposition when I'm at concerts. That's why someone needs to take me to Coachella next year. I already missed out a great lineup from this year and, my personal favorite, from 2010.

Be patient. That's what I always tell myself. Everything will fall to place in due time.

A very blurry photo of Cubbie + Andy Barron creeping at the back
Here is Mark busting out the moves
Smims and Belle, emphasis on Southernbelleee ♡
Sophia Bush. What! Sophia Bush was behind us and all I got was this lousy photo. 
I apologize for the lack of Mark Pontius and Mago photos, mostly apologizing to myself :(

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