Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arctic Monkeys + The Black Keys

I have been waiting for this concert to happen for months now and I've been trying to keep my cool about it. Occasionally, I did slip out tiny screams of anticipation upon seeing Arctic Monkeys and seeing the sexiness that is Alex Turner. (Speaking of Alex, I liked his old look back - you know, long hair, cute, and all.) Well, I knew the Monkeys were playing more of their old rock vibe which meant sitting out playing songs like Suck It and See, Hellcat Spangled Shalala, and Mardy Bum (which is actually my favorite song of them). But nonetheless, it's Arctic Monkeys! It's a blessing I get to see them play. (Another side note, they should have their own headlining tour around the world, not just an opening act touring North America. Just putting it out there.) But to see them open for The Black Keys is pretty epic! I really like The Black Keys and I must admit, I can't help but rock out my air guitar when I listen to their music. It's such a great listen. And what a perfect combination of rock music in one concert!

Before I go on about how this was the best concert I've ever been to, listen to these songs and you might like them as much as I do too.
Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
                           - I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
                           - Mardy Bum
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
                           - Gold on the Ceiling
                           - Tighten Up

I think everyone wants to see their favorite band play on the first row and hoping to get a good look at them up close. I wanted that more than anything for this concert. It would have been the ultimate rock concert experience but we could all dream, right? Despite being at the very top of the arena, I just kept on telling myself, at least I get to see them live. Optimism.

I still can't believe it's over now. It was such a great concert. It really was indeed epic. I will be honest and say that the first few minutes I was fangirling, clawing my face, and hyperventilating to the sight of Arctic Monkeys. Good thing there was an intermission before The Black Keys came out for me to recompose myself. I shall also add, their set was amazing!
AM best highlight: "Kung fu fighting on your roller skates, do the macarena in the devil's lair" dance
TBK best highlight: Encore performance of Everlasting Light
Poster made by Dave Hunter

Check out this video I took when they came out for their encore performance. (Excuse the talking, it's my cousin.)
Remember Arcade Fire's 2011 Coachella encore performance? This sort of felt like it. Not really. Close enough. 

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