Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Bellarocca: Philippine's Santorini

Recently, I have had the greatest opportunity to go to Bellarocca with my sister. It was beyond my expectations, partly because I had about 10% knowledge on this place. It's absolutely breathtaking there and also a great escape from the city. There weren't much people in the resort which is great because you get the privacy and intimacy you need, that is why it is the perfect getaway for couples. I should also mention that we had buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner hence probably gaining a few pounds from the trip. But nonetheless, I had a magnificent time and would love to come back.
 View from the balcony

 The infinity pool
The lap pool
 It takes 299 steps to get up there at the view deck.
We went snorkeling as well.
They served cocktails while watching the sunset.

Sunrise as we leave.

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