Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I Recover. Day 1

These months-long hiatuses have to stop! I keep putting off writing new blog posts for more than a year now and that's some bad blogger habit I need to quit. Every few months or so I keep coming back with a post similar to this and I promise (I hope) that this is the last one. 

I used to only write new entries when inspiration struck me but I've recently learned that that approach is NOT AT ALL EFFECTIVE! Waiting for inspiration to strike is work of the lazy and I'm trying to change that. A huge part of the reason why I'm making this change is because of Casey Neistat. Lately, he's been my biggest inspiration on being super productive, like have three jobs kind of crazy productive. I mean, how else would I ever get to afford to live in New York? I somewhat already have two and so, I'm making this my third. Nothing too radical though, I just want to have some time to write. And so, I'm doing this self-imposed writing challenge. 7 days, 7 blog posts. (fingers crossed)

I'm actually excited about this 7 day stint and have been thinking about it for the past month. (Yeah, this post has been in my drafts for a month now. ugh) So typical me wanted to put it off until I had a bank of things to write about (again with the security blanket. ugh, right?). I have to stop this habit of procrastinating and waiting. So, here I am just doing it. I worry so much about what to put in here when in reality, nobody probably even reads this. (Ha!)

Now jokes aside, what is this going to be anyway?
I want to try to make content daily (with subpar visuals), but only for a week. At first, I wanted to do it for 15 days straight, but let's be realistic here. I've only made 6 entries last year so pushing to 15 is a bit much. Now, 7 is a bit ideal.

In the coming week, you'll be reading about what I've been up to, new music I've been listening to, share some stories (pre-blogging era), and basically, anything that I could write about. I've recently watched Alt-J live in concert, so you have that to look forward to.

But for today, I'd like to keep it simple and offer some daily inspiration.

Let's start with Son Lux. I first heard this name from NPR's feature on Sisyphus, the collaborative project of Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux. Now if you're familiar with Sisyphus' hip hop beats, Son Lux is not at all what you'd expect. Son Lux is more contemplating music. Their songs feel grand and serious but very simple at the same time. I highly recommend you start listening to them now because with Ryan Lott (vocalist and baby daddy of Son Lux) having scored the new Paper Towns movie, in a few months you'll be hearing their name everywhere, maybe.

Their new album, Bones, will be out June 23 on Glassnote Records.

Check out the stop motion animation they did for their song, Change is Everything, and read about their collaboration with Nathan Johnson, the director, on how they did it. Ch-Check it out.


If you're like me and love watching travel videos synced with befitting and captivating music then you'll love this video by Tim Kellner on his adventure in Japan. Ch-Check it out.


Giacomo Bagnara's one of my newest discoveries. I don't really know how to comment on art yet and I don't want to embarrass myself on trying now, so I'll just leave you his tumblr page and hope that you enjoy his work as much as I do. Ch-Check it out.


I absolutely LOVE the new James Blake tour poster/videos. I tried looking for the artist who did it but I couldn't find a name. If anybody knows anything, please tell me so I can google their name and start my online stalking. Speaking of James Blake, I can't wait for his new album, Radio Silence. Ch-Check it out.


Listen to Shine by Years & Years. (Bonus: Watch the new video.)

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