Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bastille: Live in Manila

Happy new year! And what a way to start the year with Bastille. Yes, Bastille! Those four English lads that sing about the ruins of Pompeii and a (fictitious) dead girl called Laura Palmer. It is one of the best concerts I have attended, definitely Top 5 material (knocking FTP down to number 6, soz). It is one of those nights that I wish would go on longer, no matter how tired my legs would be afterwards. It's the best feeling in the world to see one of your favorite bands, to be amidst their music, the energy, the people. And that's why I always choose to watch my favorite acts even though it leaves me being broke in the end.

Oh, and I met (and hugged!!!!!) all of Bastille.


Before I met Bastille, I didn't think I was going to meet them. You see, I entered this competition to be a part of their "soundcheck party"and when they released the winners, my name wasn't on it. I was devastated because I really, really wanted to meet them, which got me thinking on why I was so keen on this meet and greet anyway. I even drafted half a blogpost on my phone about this on my way back from holiday. [I'll post it below.] 

I accepted the fact that I wasn't going to meet them and I had moved on; no reason to sulk. But on the morning of the concert, I was woken up by a text from a friend that I won a pass for the soundcheck party. I was shocked. I quickly checked if it was true and it was. The organizers of the competition released 5 more names included in the soundcheck. I was then jumping for joy, literally. 

[jump cut to rushing in the main concert hall while Bastille does their soundcheck]

As I was standing in front of Bastille play for the 25 people (or so…) in the room, my mind was just in awe. I kept thinking that this was so surreal and that it changed the whole concert game for me. It felt so intimate and personal. I just had to stand there and listen and marvel, (breathe in, breathe out) and take it all in. It was an experience to remember. 

It hurts to be a fangirl (Unfinished)

Bastille's coming to Manila in a few days and I am beyond excited to see them. You should know that I am one of those people who is obsessed with the band and know all these useless little weird facts about each member: aka a basic fangirl.

What is the purpose of a fangirl anyway? I mean, why would anyone spend hours watching youtube videos just to find out about someone's little quirk with David Lynch or wake up in an ungodly  hour with the hopes of having your q being a'd at twitter, facebook, reddit, or google hangout? I guess the easy answer to that is because we just want to feel a little bit closer to the band somehow and talk about them like they're our friends. Isn't that the ultimate goal of a fangirl anyway? To be their friend/ best friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend? Because why else would we bother doing all these crazy stuff if not for the chance to be a part of their life? To be @mentioned, ⭐️fav'd, or RT'd? It can't all be just for bragging rights, right?

Although, being a fangirl is not easy. You'd really have to really put in the hours much like you would do with a research paper. But obviously, this one's actually fun to do. You get to laugh at their silly jokes and swoon over at 1:15 in that one video where someone pulled a ridiculously hot face. It's all fun and games at first but then it starts to hurt. It hurts the first time you realize you'll never be close to them as you've always imagined. It hurts even more when you realize you're not some special fangirl that's different from the others but actually you're just like the rest. It hurts to know that you'll never be on their radar, never on their favorites list, never on any of their lists, never anything at all. But then there comes a time where you just accept that you are nobody to them until you have that perfect meet-cute. And so you do whatever it takes to see them or even meet them whenever they're in your city. Like join contests and etc. which brings me to my story.

I recently joined this contest for a chance to be a part of Bastille's soundcheck party. (now, this is where the unfinished part begins to make sense) fin.

Since we've tapped the topic of a fangirl, check out the video of The Wombats for Greek Tragedy in which a fangirl [SPOILER] goes all American Psycho on the band.


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