Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Summer" of Dreams

Where do I even begin?

How about we set the vibe first. It starts out with a some Chet Faker, FKA Twigs, SOHN, and then a little bit of James Bay and George Ezra. Oh, and throw in some Hozier in the mix too. Mmm, yeah. That feels just about right.

Now, where were we? Oh, yeah. Apparently I'm bad at blogging. But that's about to change now. And I am serious this time like, I-want-to plan-an-elaborate-wedding-proposal-to-you-that-would-soon-go-viral-once-I-upload-a-video-of-it-on-YouTube-because-it-was-ridiculously-grandiose kind of serious. But, enough with the promises and on with the agendas.

The past few months have been so different compared to what I was doing a year ago... and I kind of love it. Aside from the uncertainty of where I'd be a year from now and the worries and anxieties that come along with it, it's that same uncertainty that brings excitement to my life. If you told a year ago that I'd be brushing shoulders with Matty (of The 1975) and Thomas Mars (of Phoenix), I would've told you you're crazy because those sorts of things do not happen to me. I'm the type of person who'd buy a Killers concert ticket only to find out they'd soon be disbanding/taking a break and cancel the whole tour (circa 2011). But I guess things finally took a turn for the best because not only have I watched a few of my favorite bands live but I've also found myself to be a certified yoga teacher now. A year ago, I wrote this letter and briefly mentioned how I wanted to pursue my certification and now I actually am. I can't believe that was just a year ago.

For someone who doesn't do much, a lot has happened.

Now, what exactly have I been up to in the months that I've missed blogging?

I watched Phoenix! It's crazy to think how, one day, I'm swooning over four Parisian boys and then, the next, I'm screaming their words as they play their songs. It must seem weird how I think watching one of my favorite bands is crazy when to some people, it's pretty normal and average to pay and watch an act live. But you see, my favorite bands or musicians rarely travel to my very humid city. I'm glad that, now, more acts are actually coming here and giving me the opportunity to see them (and take my money). Maybe I should just accept that this is my reality now. I like a band, obsess over their music, delve into the depths of their fandom, watch their concert, and sometimes/rarely meet them.

That's what happened with Phoenix... and Youth Lagoon.. and The 1975.

I won a meet and greet with Phoenix and got to hug half of the band. It was super short, I looked like an idiot to them, but I still had fun.

You can read the story on how I met Youth Lagoon here.

And then I met The 1975... twice! At first, my friends and I went to ATC for their "ultimate fan experience" and waited hours to get a ticket/pass. Up until now, we aren't sure if the pass that we got qualified for us to have our picture taken with them or not but somehow we got really lucky and didn't have to wonder at all. We got the hugs that we wanted but not the kisses we wished to receive. ;(

Two days after the Phoenix concert, I went to Singapore with my friends for St. Jerome's Laneway Festival. We went last year and had this unanimous decision to make it into an annual trip. So, we went back way more prepared than ever.

I remember coming into this year's festival, we were so worried about spending too much for water because last year, a small bottle of Fuji water was 5SGD. It was appalling! But this year, they were giving out free bottles of water so we didn't have to pay for water at all.

Also, last year, they were selling shirts for 40SGD. This year, it was 50SGD. That's a $10 jump! I just pray that it doesn't go up any further.

My absolute highlight of the festival was Haim and James Blake. Haim was probably the best show that I've ever been to (not including VW) because there was so much energy and watching Daniela Haim play the guitar was absolutely mesmerizing.

There were so many acts that I looked forward to like Chvrches, Youth Lagoon, Daughter, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Vance Joy to which I happily danced along to. I wish I visited the Cloud Stage and watched Jamie XX, Jagwar Ma (Jono Ma dj set), Mount Kimbie, and etc. If only there were two of me.

Two weeks later, I found myself at Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila and watching Eyedress, Warpaint, and Mogwai. And the week after that, Buke and Gase, Youth Lagoon (again), and The NATIONAL! YES, THE NATIONAL!

A day after seeing THE NATIONAL, my whole family and I went to Clark, Pampanga for the 7107 International Music Festival. It was an intense weekend of holding your breath inside the porta potty.

A month after that was The 1975 concert.

A few hours after the concert, my relatives from the US surprised us by coming here. For two weeks, they were here and I was with them. It was great.

A lot more has happened in these last three months that I spent in Seattle so I'm just going to run through some things that I did. I... went to Dallas, TX, went on a road trip to Austin and explored their weird city, watched the X Games and fulfilled my dreams from when I was 13-years old, watched Dillon Francis, went back to Seattle, did my 200-hour yoga teacher training for 4 weeks from Monday to Saturday, explored a little bit more of Seattle, volunteered on a running event, went to Lake Chelan, tasted some wine from some vineyard, did some more yoga, and went then now, I'm back home.

My only regret was not going to Bumbershoot. Oh, and not knowing about that Arctic Monkeys concert. ugh.

This almost feels like my year in review. I swear, I didn't think I was gone from this blog that long! But like I said, I'm here now. The vibes are going to continue. And the music, oh, the music will be great.

Check out and follow the Spotify playlist I made to hear what I've been listening to. 

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