Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Yoga Story

An open letter to future me (theme: yoga)

Dear Leica,

It's been two and half years since I started my journey with yoga and I can tell you that it hasn't been easy, to say the least. That first week of ever doing yoga was the hardest workout I've ever experienced since the only exercise I did before that was run the treadmill. But it felt so good to turn in those running shoes and step into the studio barefoot. I've never felt so in tune with my body. I only availed the one week beginners package and by the end of that week I didn't want to leave the mat. That's when I knew I fell in love with yoga.

I clicked with yoga instantly and I guess a major contributor to that is because of Yoga+. It's only a 7-minute walk from where I live and 5 minutes if I'm running late. Everything is there already, all I need to bring is my water bottle and myself. It's true what they say that the hardest part of yoga is going to the class because sometimes, your mind tells you to skip today and take a rest day instead - to let your body recover for a day... or two. Good thing I have my sister as my yoga buddy to push me to go practice and vice versa.

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Two and a half years ago, I wouldn't have imagined doing the poses I'm doing right now. I had weak arms, shaky legs, and no sense of balance. I'd probably still be stuck dreaming of having straight legs during my standing bow if my teachers hadn't told me to not be afraid of going further and deepening my practice. Although, I've learned that you have to let go of your ego and just listen to where your body will take you. Every time you practice yoga, know that you are one step closer into reaching that dream pose of yours. Like about a year ago, I've had my mind set on the scorpion pose as the pose that I want to do without the help of the wall and it's only recently that I have done this. You don't become Wonder Woman overnight. Right now, I really want to go up in a handstand without the aid of the wall and then holding that pose. I hope you've been practicing a lot and can now do it without falling on your face.

By the way, where are you in your practice right now? Lately, I've been thinking about seriously pursuing a teacher training program in the next year or so. I've never really thought about it before - you know, teaching a full 90-minute yoga class. But ever since my teacher has suggested it to me, I can't seem to shake the thought off my head. So I'm just here, wondering if you've pushed through this plan of mine. Wherever yoga has brought you right now, I do hope it's all for the best and that you're happier than ever.

I always say, "music is my boyfriend" but, yoga...
Yoga is my best friend.

Leica (10-13-13, 10:23pm)

Listen to Dreams by Passion Pit.
Here's a video of the Acroyoga sessions we attended last August held at Yoga+ Makati with teachers Chris Ekelund and Lisa-Marie Nilsson.

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