Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Music On My Mind

This week's music highlights:

The 1975 performs a Tiny Desk Concert and it is beautiful, sweet, and endearing. Matthew Healy's on his own in the NPR office with only his guitars to accompany him but this just makes it a little more heartfelt and personal. Check out the video. 

Kings of Leon does Robyn's Dancing On My Own. There's something about Caleb's voice that makes everything he sings so sensual. Check out the video. 

Bastille does Miley's We Can't Stop. It's quite genius of them to sneak in Achy Breaky Heart in their cover. You're missing out if you haven't heard it yet.  Check out the video.

London Grammar is most likely going to win this year's Mercury Prize award, says almost everybody. With the success Alt-j has received upon winning last year's award, it's safe to say London Grammar is going places too. Listen to this amazing song, Hey Now, off their debut album, If You Wait. Listen to the song. 

The Take Away show we've all been waiting for, Take Away Phoenix. The first time they were on, it was 2009 and a random couple on their wedding day just happily stumbled upon Phoenix playing 1901 at the Trocadero in Paris, France. It was pretty epic. Now, we get a 21-minute movie from La Blogotheque. There's Thomas singing on a PA system to a plane full of sleeping passengers, the band performing by the Museum and National Estate of Versailles, then doing so on a rowboat, and an acoustic of Countdown while on a stroll at a park. It's everything you wished to see for yourself. Check out the video.

So french fries, anyway... I mean, this performance of The Neighbourhood's Afraid is pretty funny, right? [You'll get the fries reference after watching.] Check out the video.

Check out these legs... or are they hotdogs? It's quite hard to tell sometimes but it sure is a laugh. Hot-dog-legs

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