Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest of Gold

This week it's all about the indie music, Baby. (Yes, I did just call you baby.) There's some rock and dance vibes plus a little bit of folk to keep it interesting. We talk about the 3 As: Avocados, Afterlife, and Alt-J.

October has been treating us well, wouldn't you agree? Although, it isn't over yet. This week, Jagwar Ma's Let Her Go gets a remix by Jagwar Yew. This Australian trio out of Sydney is already stirring up some waves from down under. Their new remix EP is out now. Check it out. (Here)

Kurt Vile also released a new song, Feel My Pain and it's available for free download. Download by clicking the link.

The new Los Campesinos! video for Avocado, Baby is here. The line: "I feel like I'm the host of a terrible game show" inspired the whole video, which is directed by Craig Roberts. (Watch)

Pitchfork did an interview with frontman, Gareth Campesinos!, and talked about the kind of music they'd turn to when faced with different circumstances for their feature called Situation Critical. Here's an excerpt: (Read)
Pitchfork: You're picking out songs for your own funeral...
Gareth: One song I definitely want played is “Three Lions”, which was England's official European Championship song in 1996 and the World Cup song in 1998. It’s properly euphoric and arguably my favorite ever song. I'd also want “Here” by Pavement, because it’s a really beautiful song and obviously very appropriate with its “everything’s ending here” coda. 
And I can’t do this interview and not talk about the Beautiful South, because they are like my Beatles. If it wasn’t for Morrissey, I think Beautiful South frontman Paul Heaton would have been Morrissey. I love the Smiths, don’t get me wrong, but I think he’s 10 times the lyricist that Morrissey is. But he’s never been attractive or played the game or been cool or dressed well or anything like that. The Beautiful South are what I’d bring my kids up on.  
There’s a track off their first album called “Love Is”, and toward the end it deals with how, when you’re in a band, people think they care about you but in reality you’re just somebody who writes songs and they don’t really care about you as a person. So it goes, “Here’s the invitation to this caring nation/ Twenty-five years from now, will you come to my cremation?” It’s an appropriate sentiment. It’d be a nice send off if I was lowered into the grave or thrown into the sea.

Read More.

Three years after Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, finally, Reflektor is here and Pretty Much Amazing is already calling it their OK, Computer. There's a lot of good buzz about the new album and they have given us a lyric video for Afterlife. (Watch)

In other news of artists doing covers, Holy Ghost! takes a hit at Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home. (Listen)

Here's a few more interviews with a few more artists. I like getting to know artists and having a sense of their personality. Liking their music is one thing but knowing a side of them is getting it deeper. Here's Sky Ferreira's interview with Pitchfork (Read) and Alt-J's interview with IndieShuffle. (Read)


  1. Where do you usually get your music?

    1. I visit a lot of music sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum, Prettymuchamazing, and Rolling Stone. I follow a lot of these sites on Twitter so it's easier to get info through that. Also, I discover bands through other bands. So, if a band I like mentions a band or a song, I'll check it out. And 8tracks, hillydilly, and hypem are amazing sites to listen and discover songs too.

      But... you can always just visit my blog if you don't want to go through all that. Ha! Thanks for the question.

      Leica x