Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What You Should Be Watching Too

The Newsroom. It's not hard to figure out why #Newsroom was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter for a couple of days during its premier weekend. It's smart and it's addictive. It's another brilliant show by Aaron Sorkin along with his clever writing. The content is deep but it's not too hard to follow. It's serious most of the time but then we see this guy struggling with this girl who's in a relationship with a jerk, and then it all seems too familiar. Nonetheless, it's great television and more people should be watching it. 

Suits. Two good-looking men always in perfectly tailored suits, isn't that enough to get you to watch Suits? Apart from that, it's actually a great show. It's got a great hook and people are responding well that's why it is now on its second season. It's about this college dropout who finds himself working for one of NYC's biggest lawyers. If I had Mike's (the college dropout) photographic memory, I would like to annoy people with random things I read on the internet. Ha!

Weeds. It is now on its eighth and final season. In case you don't know the premise of the show yet, it revolves around this drug-dealing family. It's crazy to run down the list of the things they've done and where they've been to since living in their "little box" in Agrestic. The show is still as risqué and ludicrous as it used to be. It's not to late to get on with this show.

Awkward. It's quite silly if you think about how MTV is called music television and now they've been producing a lot of tv series, one of which is Awkward. This show is fun, cute, and downright awkward, which is why it's not hard to love this show. If you follow this show, you probably get asked this a lot. Team Jake or Team Matty?

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  1. I heard good things about The Newsroom :-) Thinking if I should watch... ;-)