Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If you're one of those who have been the anticipating Passion Pit's new record, Gossamer, and can't wait for another 7 days, then head on to NPR because they're streaming it in its entirety. It's been 2009 since Manners and their newest record doesn't disappoint.

***btw, Vampire Weekend performed last Sunday at Pitchfork Music Festival. It's been 21 months since their last performance and it's great to see them play again [through the stream that is]. They performed a new track off their forthcoming album - New Song #2 (as described from their setlist) which is absolutely amazing. It's such a fun tune and one that could the crowd clapping along. I have a feeling the new record would be released early next year or hopefully, before the year ends. Let's cross our fingers. ***

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