Friday, January 18, 2013

Breakfast and Music

A smoothie and a great album,  that's how everyone should start their days. It's a great combination and just puts you in a very pleasant vibe. And, you can never go wrong with The Beatles. I've been making a lot of these smoothies these past few days because 1) we have an abundance of fruits at my place, 2) they're easy to make, and 3) they taste really good. I just love these. They're absolutely amazing plus extremely healthy. Get on it!

Current band crush/es:
Alt-j and Alabama Shakes. Listen to them. You might like them too. Check out Alt-j's Matilda and Alabama Shakes' Hold On.

Listen to this playlist I've put together. Enjoy. 


  1. The shake looks yummy :) I like to have yogurt, homey and fruit or porridge on cold days. I didn't listen to all of the music but I liked the first choice!

    Tanesha x