Saturday, June 16, 2012

On The Radar

New music! New music!
I love getting into new songs and then obsessing/over-analyzing the lyrics. Oh, good music is just divine. Here's what I've been listening to.

Passion Pit's new album, Gossamer, comes out July 24th. Here's a single off their new album.

This band called Talkfine describes their music as shimmering electropop. Quirky and fun. They've recently released their album, Lesser Known Hits, but it's still this song off their EP that I really enjoy.

Walk the Moon. Don't even get me started with this band. I love every single bit about them! Ever since Anna Sun, I can't stop raving about their music. They're one of the reasons why I absolutely wanted to go to Sasquatch.
I'm so glad they're releasing their album next week, June 19th, which means new songs to indulge in. There are a few songs from their album, i want! i want!, but with new arrangements that will be on the record. I can't wait! They released this song a few days ago from their new album. Make sure to check it out when it comes out.

Oh look, aren't we all lucky. They premiered their entire record on VEVO.

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